JHS Biomaterials

The JHS is an industry of materials for medicine and dentistry that manufactures among other products, Synthetic Hydroxyapatite. The international standard of JHS products has been gaining market confidence.

This quality is due primarily to the strong academic-scientific expertise of the founders. Obstinate researchers whose interest in technological development evolved naturally from basic research conducted at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). Our products are referenced by master dissertations, doctorate theses, and papers published in conferences and scientific journals in the last 10 years in the areas of Chemistry, Microscopy, Materials Science, and Veterinary Orthopedics; and works with humans in the areas of Orthopedics, Dentistry and Oral-facial-maxillary have been conducted since 1998, all successful and with high approval rate.


Continuously available to the market innovative biomaterials with quality and facilitating medical and dental procedures, promoting improvement in surgical techniques and the improvement in the quality of life of patients.


To be a reference in the development and manufacture of biomaterials which facilitate the procedures in healthcare generating high degree of satisfaction of our customers.

Quality Policy

JHS Biomateriais aims to develop, manufacture and market quality products for medical and dental area, through commitment to compliance with regulatory, legal and customer requirements, as well as maintaining the Quality Management System.


TOP of Quality Award

Featured in Health Segment - Order of Parliamentarians of Brazil - 2011

Medal of Recognition

São Paulo Trophy - Chamber of Culture - 2012


  • Dr. Sheyla Maria de Castro Máximo Bicalho Graduated and Master in Chemistry. She has Masters and PhD in Chemistry from the UFMG. She has extensive laboratory experience, especially in the area of ​​Analytical Chemistry, a subject she taught for several years at the UFMG, from which he retired in 1997 to devote herself to the implementation of the company. Current majority owner and manager-researcher of the JHS Biomaterials.
  • Dr. Jane Maria Netto de Magalhães Alves Graduated in Industrial Chemistry, Master in Chemistry from UFMG and PhD in Physics (PhD, Birmingham University, England). Taught Physico-chemistry at UFMG until retiring in 1992 to devote herself to the project JHS. Today she is dedicated to social and cultural works.
  • Dr. Hermeto Barboza Machado Graduated and Master in Chemistry. Master in Chemistry from UFMG and extensively experienced in industries and universities in the area of Analytical Chemistry, a subject that he taught for several years at the UFMG, where he retired in 1991 and devoted himself, along with other members, to the development of hydroxyapatite and the implementation of the company until 1998. He currently teaches at the University of Itaúna / MG and is the Counselor of the CRQ-2 MG.


  • Biotec
  • BPF
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 13485:2012