Association of hydroxyapatite and collagen in sponge form

Osteoconductive and hemostatic material for bone grafting

COL.HAP-91 is a biomaterial composed of 25% collagen and 75% HAP-91, of proven purity, combining the osteoconductive properties of HAP-91 with the hemostatic properties of natural collagen fiber network purified, used in its elaboration.

The process of obtaining maintain intact the helical configuration of collagen molecules and the arrangement thereof in layers, which ensures the natural fibrous structure, essential to preserve its hemostatic properties.

Hydroxyapatite is the main constituent of the mineral bone phase, while its organic matrix consists mainly of collagen. COL.HAP-91, a combination of these two materials, both biocompatible and absorbable, has been found to be very effective in inducing bone growth into the pores of its physical structure; collagen, in addition to supporting the process of hemostasis, acts as a biological barrier that prevents the growth of fibrous tissue between the meshes and the migration of the implanted material.

Provided in the form of mesh, COL.HAP-91 is easy to handle and can be cut or shaped to fill or wrap the bone defect. COL.HAP-91 is produced by JHS Biomaterials. It is available in sealed packages containing meshes of different shapes and average volumes, ready for use in surgical conditions, sterilized by ethylene oxide (ETO).


General Features

  • Feature of Medullar Bone
  • Shows no rejection from the body
  • Direct application on site
  • Eliminates the use of PRP
  • Completely metabolized


  • Product registered for marketing by the Ministry of Health in 2000 under the number 10405720003
  • Brand securitized at the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property)