Absorbable synthetic hydroxyapatite

Osteoconductive material for bone grafting

HAP-91 is a porous, crystalline, biocompatible, soft (due to the characteristic of medullar bone), of established purity, hydroxyapatite composite, widely tested as bone graft material and with no rejection from the organism.

Hydroxyapatite, Ca 10[PO4]6(OH)2 is the main mineral constituent of bones and teeth in vertebrates. When the HAP-91 is placed in contact with the damaged bone, it acts as a support for the regeneration of bone tissue; its crystalline agglomerates, highly porous, act as three-dimensional matrix which is slowly absorbed while infiltration of bone forming cells between the pores occur and subsequent deposition of host bone.

HAP-91 is highly hydrophilic and can be used not only directly as a powder, but also aggregated to blood drops of the patient. The paste obtained by adding the liquid to the powder facilitates its application and significantly reduces the possibility of undesirable migration or loss of the material.

HAP-91 is produced by JHS Biomaterials and is presented in packaging containing different granulations, ready for use in surgical conditions, sterilized by ethylene oxide (ETO) or gamma radiation.


General Features

  • Features of Medullar Bone
  • Shows no rejection from the body
  • Direct application on site
  • Eliminates the use of PRP
  • Completely metabolized


  • Product registered for marketing by the Ministry of Health in 1999 under no. 10405720001
  • Brand securitized at the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property)